Freedom from the Known…


One of my favorite teachers and philosopher’s is J. Krishnamurti. In his book “Freedom from the Known,” he discourses on the personal pathway to true freedom. In my early twenties, he served as a pivotal point of reference in my journey in self-understanding and true connection. For him, I am grateful.

The starting point for personal freedom begins with the recognition that our perception of reality is neither what we were trained to believe nor what we think It actually is. Once we acknowledge this truth, we have the ability to move forward in breaking down barriers and patterns of unhealthy distraction. These barriers and patterns often prevent us from residing fully in the present. It is when we begin to live fully within the present that we begin to live fully in love and connection.

Pure Love is the grand spectrum and recognition that the mirror of all things and all beings exists within it. Because we can perceive it, it is real. Therefore, as we learn to decipher what serves our highest love and what does not, we learn how to commune with every element of it’s unfolding. No longer do we need to reside in a past that does not serve us, nor look forward to a future not yet being told. We learn how to sit comfortably as we are and in observation of the good, the bad, the blissful and the ugly unfolding around us.

So what takes us out of our purest presence? A variety of circumstances, emotions, wants, needs and natural distractions interplay with our stillness. The more we learn to grow and change in the natural unfolding with steadiness and ease, the more we are able to withstand these natural changes and conditions to move calmly and gracefully in our higher purpose.

There is a misconception that this love and connection is missing, broken, lost or stolen. When we can better and more consciously observe these barriers and patterns, we learn to live in the love and connection we desire. Here are some things to consider in uncovering the present moment and how better to live and grow within the love and connection already residing inside you:

What are the ways you were trained to believe were necessary for your survival in this world?

What structures have you subscribed to and how do you believe they inspire or deter you from this true connection?

Do you seek outside of yourself for true connection?


Is your blanket of comfortability nurturing you or hindering you from your deepest desires?

Is the communication with the people around you benefiting your higher truth?

What is your higher truth and how do you connect with that on a momentary basis?

How do you move forward in connecting to this truth in diminishing patterns and cycles of self-deprivation, insanity and disharmony for both yourself and others?

After you answer these questions for yourself, breathe in, breathe out and feel the magnitude and simplicity of this present moment unfolding. Allow it to envelop you. You are enough. You have enough. You are love and light and all things beautiful. May the beauty, connection and bliss of this moment enrapture you in its fullness.

Love, Sphie