Sacred Space

Photo Credit: Burket Kniveton

Each year, I have a ritual of revisiting sacred space in the physical world as a means to recharge, reinvigorate and remember. Our ancestors took great care to hold land, air and water as a sacred gift of being in this life. They walked a pathway to uplift Mother Earth and held sacred ceremonies and rites of passage in honor of Her gifts.

So how do we hold and honor Sacred Space? In the physical world, I visit places still exemplifying Mother Earth’s pristine nature and observe and honor the plant and animal life inhabiting its peaks, valleys and waters. These places are reminders of the infinite spectrum of what it means to truly be alive. It is within nature that we remember the balance of the role we play as individuals as a part of the greater Collective. When we come back to our roots in Mother Earth, we reconnect to a seed of rhythm encompassing something much greater than the “I” as an individual. We feel the infinite connection to all beings, both living and dead.

We can take this Sacred Remembering back into our cities, back into our communities and back into our backyards by honoring the Earth on a microcosmic level. Honoring sacred space can be simple. It can happen in watching ants move along a pathway in an urban backyard. It can mean sitting outside quietly on a full moon. When we honor sacred space within the physical world, we then translate that respect internally.

We can inhabit the world as a temple. We can tread lightly and observe its grandeur without causing harm. If our individual temple is one slice of the larger Collective Temple, then maintaining the sum of all parts becomes primary in maintaining the singular temple of the individual. We honor Sacred Space by honoring the needs of both ourself and of others and by maintaining and nurturing the divine nature of Mother Earth herself.

Shanti, shanti.